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Persuasive Presentations by Joel Cooper

What topics are covered?

What are the characteristics of a dynamic speaker?  
How body language affects how you are perceived by the audience?
Understanding ethos, logos, and pathos in planning a presentation.
How to animate the audience?
Projecting a professional image when speaking to a client.
How to deal with stage fright and nervousness?
Utilizing positive formulation.
How to structure a presentation?
How to use PowerPoint in the most effective manner?
Handling difficult audience members who challenge or disagree with you.
Utilizing active listening to handle questions effectively.
The Power of Silence.
How to add spark and energy to your presentation to make it memorable?
Ways to interact with the audience to make your presentation more compelling.
How to make Visual Aids more effective?
An opportunity to make 4-5 presentations to the audience and receive feedback
from the trainer and colleagues.
Persuasion on the go.
Take away Persuasion presentation.
Giving proposals (targeting the values of the listener).
Promoting your services.
Persuasive presentations (pure persuasion).
IPWDYTH Presentation.
Persuasive Strategies/formulas.
Intercultural differences.
Tailoring your message according to group size.
Maintain the interest of the listeners.
Managing the flow of discussions.
Finding friends and supporters in the audience.
Getting buy-in.

2 consecutive days of training.

No of participants
8 participants per group.

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Persuasive Presentations by Joel CooperPodstranka

Persuasive Presentations by Joel Cooper

28.-29. September 2009

Hotel Senec Relax

2 dni

9:00 - 16:30

555 € / 16 720 Sk

Consultants in charge

Joel H. Cooper

training in English


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